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A Day to Remember: Hosting a Baby Shower

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12 Jun

A Day to Remember: Hosting a Baby Shower

A baby shower is one occasion that is planned to make the mother-to-be feel special and to fill her with a feeling of joy. The importance of throwing the best baby shower cannot be underestimated.

A baby shower is a perfect opportunity for friends and family to come together to celebrate the pending arrival of a little one. Amidst the laughter and mirth, the expectant mother is showered with gifts, love, good wishes, and friendly advice before she can embark on the journey of motherhood.

Although known by different names in different states the ritual of the baby shower is the same everywhere. Although it is called a baby shower, it is organized before the baby is born. It is the ritualistic way of congratulating a woman who is going to be a mother. 

And in a vast country like India with a vast language pool, you will find a lot of names for this one event celebrating motherhood.


Throwing a baby shower can feel overwhelming – there are dozens of decisions to make! Theme, guest list, venue, games, and of course the food! When it comes to baby shower menu planning, you have to ensure that there are plenty of good food to eat for the guests – as well as consider what the mom-to-be can – or cannot – eat.

It is wise to plan a brunch or lunch as generally, baby showers are not hosted during evenings as the mom-to-be is likely to feel drained out and tired by the end of the day.

It is usually the to-be-father who bears the responsibility, simply because while pregnant the to-be-mother should stay extremely gentle with every step she takes. 

The best friend of the to-be-mom also gets the opportunity to unleash her creativity. The best part of a baby shower celebration is the memories it helps create. The memories last a lifetime and maybe years later one can look back at the baby shower with glee in their heart. 

When friends and family come together to celebrate the coming of a baby, it is already a happy and joyous occasion. But just to take the whole party up a notch and help make some more memories, plan some fun games, like charades, pictionary and antakshari.

For any baby shower theme, one thing that has to be perfect is the food. You don’t want anyone complaining about the food at the party. So as a hostess, it’s always a good idea to choose tried and tested people to cater to the party. Baby showers are laid back celebrations so choose a buffet over a sit-down dinner or lunch.

At the end of the day, a baby shower party is nothing but a day when the mother-to-be gets to celebrate her happiness with others, get pampered and make memories that last a lifetime. So what is the baby shower theme that ticks all the points?

Recently, Pirate Theme on Children has been a major success. The Black Pearl, Marathahalli not only ticks the boxes but surpasses expectations. Not only do they host the most lavish buffet in all of Bangalore, but also offer a vibe like none other. 

It is India’s largest pirate-themed restaurant, with sculptures to the walls, to the dress code of staff, everything according to the theme. 10 years down the line, the kid can proudly flex to have been born amongst the pirates. 

With delightful events, a crowd-pulling host, an exclusive area for special occasions, and an A1 service to top it off, The Black Pearl, Marathahalli is a true delight. 

Wishing and celebrating special occasions are an easy way to create a positive experience among each other. Celebrate your special day the Pirate way!

And, what does a Pirate say? Aye-Mate!

The arrival of a little one in the family is a time for joy and baby shower themes only adds to the fun. As the mom-to-be’s friend or close family, if you are hosting the party, just make sure you are able to help the expecting mother create memories for life.

Much love to the little angel that is going to bless all your lives forever!

Over and above this, we run special promos of up to 30% discount, FREE cocktails and mocktails for an hour and free cake on special occasions like a Hen’s Party!

What is the other best thing? We have our inhouse photographer to capture all your memories!



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